Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lookalikes, part 1

Time for the first batch of entires in the lookalike competition. Thanks to everyone who entered, and found this crop of lovelies. Some are a bit old, but all are gorgeous.
From the top, we have
Taylor Kitsch, actor on Friday Night Lights, entered by Cat - gorgeous face, crazy name.
Jude Law, entered by Fish - actually an amazing lookalike, but a bit old.
A Morganville Vampire boy, entered by Jo - lovely but slightly disturbing eyes.
Daren Kagasoff - entered by Phoebe - mmm, looks too carefree
Zach Gilford, also from Friday Night Lights, anothe entry from Cat. He's also a little old but the cheekbones are superb and I must start watching this show.
Unidentified hoodie, entered by Amber. Gorgeous atmospheric picture. Shame we can't see more of his face, but I love it.

Tomorrow...the winners..

Update...argh...the pictures seem to have moved around while I wasn't looking. How? Why? Anyway, if you can't work out who's who then tell me..


  1. I take it these are the losers then? BOOOO, HISSSS!

  2. I know the contest is over, but I think we should keep trying...

  3. I think they are all a little old and a little too handsome. Their dreamy but don't have the raw Ty edge. Looking forward to seeing the winners.