Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Award Time

Ooh,how nice I've been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by two lovely writers, Candy Gourlay and Katherine Langrish (whose excellent new blog deserves a lot more followers by the way).
I have to pass it on to ten worthy bloggers. So...

1. Nayu's Reading Corner The lovely Yunaleska - thrower of great parties, writer and thoughtful reviewer.
2. The Bookette For being my dream reader and writing possibly the best review in the history of book reviewing.
3.Steph Bowe's Hey! Teenager of the Year A seriously talented YA writer, and she's only 15. Gulp
4. YA writer Cat Clarke's This Counts as Writing, Right? She asks excellent questions, and the title always makes me laugh.
5. The Hand Dryers of Great Britain. We're just going to pass over the weirdness of this one, OK. And also not mention my contribution to it. But it did spark a surreal conversation on holiday, and I suspect it keeps its compiler out of mischief.
6 Bateau de Banane Madame Defarge writes brilliantly about just about everything.
7. Babbling about Books and More. I love this blog for two reasons. First the book covers which are always hysterical and often feature huge moobs. And second because when Katie doesn't like a book she writes fantastic killer reviews.
8.Joe's Blog A lttle bit of new blog love for Joe Layburn, fellow Frances Lincoln author who has a new book Street Heroes out this year.
9. And Jon Mayhew also has a book out this year, Mortlock, which sounds completely Gothically wonderful.
10. Tuesday Kid, your blog is one of my guilty pleasures. And I would love to see this twee award adorning your site.


  1. Thank you Keren,
    There are so many people I should thank for this award, but I don't want to start gushing.... ;-)

  2. Thank you kindly Keren! I would definitely have passed on to you, Yunaleska, Steph and Becky, but I guess I have to pick new peeps?

  3. Awww...thanks Keren. What a wonderful thing to say! *Big cheesy grin*

  4. Thanks Keren! So glad you enjoy my blog :)

  5. Thanks for the award, Keren - you're a legend. Everyone please check out my range of hand dryers from public toilets across Great Britain. Not weird.

  6. Going into public toilets and taking pictures of hand dryers? No, that's not weird at all...

  7. Thanks Keren. I've stuck the award in the sidebar. :)

  8. You did it! It looks fabulously out of place.

  9. Keren - thank you very much for this. Sorry to be tardy in my acceptance, but the joy of being back at work has distracted me from the online world. Most inconvenient. Thanks again.