Sunday, 13 December 2009

Five great blogs..

An award! Thanks so much Alissa for passing on the Humane Award. All I have to do is name five blogs I enjoy to pass the award onto. So...

1. Amnawrites A 17 year old writer's blog about books, life and writing.
2.Do you Hate it Too? Another teenager blogs about the things he hates.
3. Workforced about the hell of corporate life.
4. Wondrous Reads A great YA review blog.
5. That Elusive Line A blog by a children's book artist.

Oh and pop over to Jo Stapley's Once Upon a Bookcase blog to read about why I'm eating doughnuts rather than mince pies in December.

And...thanks so much to Yunaleska for posting this great review on her blog. I'm feeling all warm and festive..


  1. Because you don't like mince pies? I don't like them. Not one bit.

    Mmmm donuts!

  2. I adore mince, it's not that!

  3. Thank for picking me for this award, Keren. I love mince pies too.

  4. Thank you so much Keren!

    I'm really glad you like my blog :)

    *is also feeling all warm and fuzzy inside

    BLEH! I hate mince pies! hehe

  5. Maybe I'll have to have a blog party next week...there's a thought...

  6. On behalf of all the writers at (i.e. me), and all of the people who are struggling to break the chains of office oppression (i.e. me and everyone else), thank you very much for the award.

    Don Joe