Thursday, 13 June 2013

Cover reveal: Salvage

I'm very happy to be able to reveal the cover for my next book, Salvage, which will be published in hardback by Atom Books in January 2014 -  only six months to wait!

I adore this cover. It shows brother and sister Aidan and Cass, who haven't seen each other for  twelve years, since Cass was adopted by a wealthy family. They meet again through fate and Facebook, long-buried secrets are uncovered and the reunion changes them both forever.
I love the tension in Cass's shoulders, the vulnerability of Aidan's neck. I love the colour, the font and the clean uncluttered feel of it. And I love the way it is genderfree, in its assumptions about readers and writer.
Thank you Atom! I promise to have my copy edits back with you very soon!

(The first night of Lia the musical went very well -  a report tomorrow)


  1. Wow! I don't know which is the most impressive: the very fine cover itself or an author being so pleased with her cover!

  2. Looks good and sounds interesting. When does it come out in paperback?

  3. It looks great, and sounds very exciting. I can't wait to read it!