Sunday, 27 November 2011

Another Life - update

Another Life  -  the third book about Ty -  is pretty much finished. The copy edit is done,I've inserted a few jokes, made some things clearer.   I rewrote chapter two to take account of advice from my barrister friend.  The cover is designed, the blurb agreed. Around the end of December proof copies should be available.
It's a funny feeling. As far as I know this will be the last book about Ty (although, mind you, I said that at the end of Almost True). I'm sad to say goodbye. When you write three books about a character, he's like part of the family. One of the best things this year has been finding out that readers enjoy reading about Ty and care about him as much as I enjoy writing about him. My big challenge now is working out how to move on.
Anyway, I've made a word cloud of Another Life which you can see here  It doesn't tell you much, although if you look carefully there are some new and revived character names.
The girls of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in Islington are holding a competition to design a cover for Another Life.  They asked if the model on the cover could come along to the school for a photo shoot, nice try, girls. I've told them that all three books in the series are getting a new look. When their competition is done I hope to be able to share all three new covers with you.


  1. This is all such exciting news, Keren! And I just caught up with your Carnegie longlist nomination for Lia's guide - many congratulations (although i know your mixed feelings about these awards!)

    It's amazing reading all of this in light of your previous post (not so long ago) about how it felt like none of it was coming together, and now *all of sudden* (or rather after many years hard work) here you are with awards and nominations and book series to your name!

    I hope you are managing to bask for a moment, before panicking about what's going to come next!

  2. Another book about Ty - count me in! I will be sad to see the series end, but you never know...

  3. Will it be out by April? We will be in London for two weeks and I want my copy signed.

  4. @Midlife No, August...I can send you a signed copy (or J can deliver one to E at school)
    @Zannah Have to admit I had no idea if this book was ever going to come together..then it did..I hope. Thrilled about the Carnegie nomination, although not holding my breath for the shortlist.
    @Zoe Thanks! Hmm, well, you never know.

  5. I'm so glad to hear about a 3rd book!! :D