Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Authors for Japan - you can help!

We've all watched the terrible scenes of devastation in Japan and felt desperate to help.
Well, author Keris Stainton wanted to do more than  watch. She's set up an auction, where we can bid for a huge range of signed books, plus chances to win chapter critiques, name characters, have websites built..
The auction is here and kicks off at 8am. Last bids are in at 10pm Friday. All proceeds go to the Red Cross appeal for Japan.
My own contribution is here  You get a chapter critique, a signed advance proof of Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery and the chance to name a character in the third Ty book.  If you want one thing and not  -  say -  the chapter critique, I can be flexible. Just get those bids coming in...I'm now sweating about getting no bids at all...
I'll be banging on about this all week...can you all spread the word?


  1. I'll be spreading the word. And bidding too...

  2. Will do a blog post in the morning

  3. I Tweeted about the appeal. Passing on the word has made me feel, at least, a little bit useful. The terrible scenes and the worsening news has not shown much sign of improving. The people ferried from their homes who once on dry land had to consider where they could go was sooo sad.

  4. There are some amazing, fantastic offers up there..particularly for mentoring and chapter critiques. You just don't get offers like this coming up at any other time. Bidding's stated well...please keep banging the drum..

  5. this is awesome. i will try to spread word. great post.

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