Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Three years on

I count my life as an author in years from January 5th 2008. That's when we went to have lunch with our friends Anna and Philip and Anna suggested that I sign up for the course in writing for children at City University that she'd just taken. The course started nine days later, it still had places. I signed up.
One year later, I'd written a book, I had an agent. January 5th was the day -  the mind-boggling, incredible day -  that the editorial director of Frances Lincoln Children's Books wrote to my agent to express 'serious interest' in When I Was Joe. Serious interest took just over a month to turn into a deal.
When I Was Joe was published -  not on January 5th 2010, somewhat to my disappointment, as I'd decided it was a magical day - but on the 2nd. I think the 5th might have been the first day I saw it for sale in an actual bookshop.
So, what's tomorrow going to bring? I'm going to see the bound proofs of Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery for the first time! I might write the first bit of the first chapter of my fourth book (fourth? How did that happen?) And -  most amazingly of all -  I'm going to be packing up to fly to San Diego the following day to attend the American Librarians' Association mid-winter conference. My family have already banned me from even mentioning San Diego, because they're so fed up with my burbling excitement.
All in all, I'm delighted I took Anna's advice. She and I would never have believed it, if we'd been able to see three years into the future.
And I wonder what future Janaury 5ths will  bring.


  1. Wow, January has been a good month to you hasn't it. Hope it continues for many years and many books :)

  2. What a great story and how wonderful that so many great things have happened in January! Hope it's a tradition that goes on for a really long time!

  3. That's very speedy progress, Keren. Congratulations! you make my own progress to publication (2012) look glacial.

    Have a good time in San Diego. That's does sound very exciting indeed.

  4. This is the perfect blog post for January - charming, amusing, full of hope.

    May there be a great many more January 5ths (even if they should fall on other days) for you. Oh, and enjoy San Diego! I really do want to go one day.

  5. You should treat it like an extra birthday! It's fantastic that things are going so well for you and have a great time over the pond.

  6. That's one book a year. Amazing! I have almost finished "Almost True' and loving it. It must be frustrating as the author, to have to trip Ty up every couple of chapters and make him choose the wrong path or jump to the wrong conclusion when you, as an adult, could have him home and safe in about three pages. I suppose it's a bit like having to let your children make their own mistakes even when you can see it coming.

    Have a great trip (as in journey not as used above) and looking forward toreading all about it.

  7. Such an amazing achievement! I hope 2011 brings even more awesomeness! And, HAVE FUN IN SAN DIEGO!

  8. I am so glad I am not the only one that associates some days with good things - unfortunately there are also days I associate with bad things.
    I cant wait to see the cover of the new book :D
    Hope this year is amazing for you

  9. I am dying to know what book 4 is potentially going to be about. Or specifically if it will be a follow on from WIWJ.

    San Diego... you deserve it!

  10. Here's to more January successes - and have a fab time in San Diego!