Tuesday, 9 February 2010

This and that..

Some random bits and pieces....

1. When I Was Joe is published in Australia and New Zealand tomorrow. Which is already today there. Would love love love it if any Australian blog-readers let me know if they spot it in a book shop there. To mark the occasion here are some pictures from the Australian leg of our best holiday ever, when we went to Australia, Cambodia and Thailand in 2007 (actually I must write a post some time about our holiday)
2. I spotted Joe in a bookshop today..Oh, the excitement! Waterstones, Piccadilly has a few copies, and they've displayed it really nicely. Why not reward their discernment by popping in and buying one for a friend? (I was with my husband and I tried to persuade him to do this very thing, but he thought it was silly as we have 20 at home.)
3. I am copy-editing Almost True tomorrow. For various reasons it's ended up being a one day job. I love this kind of deadline pressure! No, really...I do.
4. Editing questions for Almost True included queries about brandy, Sci Fi,irons and rugs.
5. My editor Emily wrote a list of spellings for the book which inadvertently sums it up as well as any cover copy: teapot, teacups, fingernail, pyjamas, bed-wetter, ASBO, iPod, spoilt, email, wind-up, full-time, all right, YouTube, X-ray, OK, druggie, swap, post-traumatic stress disorder, grown-up, high-rise, T shirt, six-pack, off-licence, mid-air, post-it,overreact, tae kwan do, PlayStation, Xbox, dryer, Head Boy.
6. The wondrous Jenny from WondrousReads interviewed me on her blog today. Read it to discover my philosophy on book covers...
7. I'm coming up for my 100th post quite soon. Anything you'd like me to write about?


  1. No, you have the whole thing there.

  2. That was a fun post! Hope the editing is going well. I am finally getting back to normality after this rotten cold. Loved the list of spellings. I'm interested to find out where the Head Boy thing fits in...

  3. Good luck with the editing!

    *so excited about Almost true*