Monday, 2 November 2009

Remembering Jahmal

I never had the privilege of knowing Jahmal Mason-Blair. But he was friends with someone I know and I woke one morning to find his untimely death mourned on my Facebook page.
Jahmal was only 14 when he died. A talented footballer, he was much loved by his family and friends. He died because he tried to protect his friend when a youth attacked him. The friend pulled out a knife and started waving it around. He caught Jahmal in an artery and he died almost immediately.
If anyone needs a reason to think twice about carrying a weapon, they should look at Jahmal's beautiful face and imagine losing a friend like that.
The boy who stabbed him is awaiting sentence. Jahmal's family are serving a life sentence of grief and loss.


  1. i feel for that family. so sad.

  2. Such a tragedy to have a life cut so short. He really was a handsome guy. I'll put his family in my prayers.

  3. That's a horrible tragedy. Very sad.

  4. Hey Keren, I have given you an award...check it out here:

  5. What a devastating loss. It's so hard for any parent to lose a child under any circumstances. For a parent to lose a child at the age of fourteen to violence must be unbearable.