Saturday, 10 October 2009

The thoughts of a 9-year-old reader

My son's just started a book review blog. Read it here -  he's keen to add followers, gather comments and take his place in the wonder that is the blogosphere.
I encouraged him to start it to boost reading against all his other interests -  sport, more sport, lego, gogo battles, the computer and  television. He's an all-action lad and it's nice to see him slow down and concentrate on a book. I'm finding it very interesting to see why he likes a book and why he doesn't, and what he thinks is important to mention in a review.  Pace seems to be all-important, and mystery scores well too -  and a book has to be just scary enough.
My next post  is also going to be a book review. It's taking a little time because this book is making me cry - I have to ration my reading. It'll be coming soon I hope.

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  1. Not all the books I read have to be mysteries but I tend to read those. Stand by for lots of reviews of lots of different books!