Sunday, 26 July 2009

Bookshops for Teenagers

I love bookshops, but not when I'm looking for YA books.
All too often books for teenagers are mixed in with general children's books. What self-respecting teenager is going to venture into a brightly-coloured zone with tiny chairs and Maisie posters, to browse a section marked 12 plus or somesuch?
So I hope this idea from Borders will catch on.
Grouping YA books, graphic novels and fantasy together in a separate space? How obvious is that?
Mind you, some people might argue that the whole concept of book shops is dying, what with the Kindle on its way. Hmm...hard to judge as here in Britain we are backward peasants waiting for the advent of the kindle, but I'd still guess there will be a role for bookshops. Surely people will still want to see what they're getting - even if they then buy electronically? Or not...


  1. i saw that borders article ... way to go! don't understand why they didn't do it before!

  2. I know, basic psychology. Waterstones drives me crazy. Actually I'd love to see a stand alone shop just selling YA books and accessories.

  3. My local independent has all the childrens and YA and graphic novels upstairs, which I think is great. It is a lovely quiet, comfy space.

    Im glad the other stores are catching on.