Friday, 5 June 2009

Great news from Germany

Oh the excitement - a new version of the cover which is beautiful - I'm completely in love - but made me think quite hard about what colour the eyes should be. Why did I come up with a main character whose eyes change colours? And an offer from German publisher DTV for both books, which I am so happy about. They look like a fantastic publisher.
And the other great thing arrived in an email tonight - a pdf of the inside pages actually looking like a book, not a manuscript. I should get a print out to proof quite soon - but what a thrill to see something that really looks like a book with my name on it. And it's spelled right - unlike the first time I ever wrote a whole page in a newspaper and then laid it out (with the help of the art department natch) and edited it. I couldn't believe my eyes when it came back with a huge KAREN DAVID byline - the compositor (yes, back in the dark ages) had changed it on the stone 'because he thought it must be a mistake'.

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